Looking for a BPO partner in Scandinavia?

Tech support & help desk in the Scandinavian markets 24/7/365

Datakompisen offers support services, business process outsourcing, NOC support, SPOC services, front- & backoffice handling and customer services with multiskilled or dedicated teams. With a comparably low staff turnover rate, we uphold a very high and customer adapted skill set. Datakompisen is ISO certified.

Low staff turnover rate

Due to our location we benefit from an extremely low staff turnover, which ensures the highest possible and customer adapted skill sets and quality as well as market understanding and continuity when producing our assignments.

Skilled in new technology

With a long history of producing Internet support services we have become a first choice support partner to actors within streaming technology, new media, IoT, applications and infrastructure in Scandinavia.


24/7 service hours in order to provide our clients with NOC, SPOC, administration and support services with a flexible model based on multiskilled and dedicated staff. We always adapt the assignments to our clients needs and demands.

High level of general technical competence

Our support services

Datakompisen was established in 2005. With a business model catering to both big and small volume assignments, our clients vary from local service providers requiring customer support for their services to international telecom and tech actors with global markets or specific needs for a Scandinavian support service.

Support services and technical help desk

Datakompisen provides first- and second line support for services, software, apps and hardware. We manage your help desk function or IT support service, b2c as well as b2b.

NOC support, SPOC & ticket handling

Datakompisen provides NOC (Network operation Center) functions, SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) and ticket handling 24/7/365 with reactive and proactive handling.


Encoding, monitoring, load balancing, server admin, web publishing, security routines, IoT service monitoring, search and sales support.

Customer service and help desk

Datakompisen handles customer service within e-commerce, logistics and IT - 24/7.

Robothand som vårdar en blomma

Methodology & routines

Datakompisen is ISO certified

We put a lot of effort in nurturing the relations with our clients and their customers. We are constantly doing our utmost to live up to the highest possible standards in the areas of climate, environment, quality and equality. Since 2020, Datakompisen is certified in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Unique competence & broad technical skillset

Industries and areas

Datakompisen has a broad technical skillset. Due to our location, our staff turnover is extremely low, therefore providing a very hight commitment to our customers and interest in our clients businesses - technologies, business models, market situation, challenges and success factors. Examples of industries:

ISP and CPE support

We provide support and customer services for ISP's and communication operators.


We support OTT services with administrative services such as encoding, monitoring, testing, publishing and load balancing.

Cloud services

We provide operational support and administration related to cloud and hosting services.

Hardware support

We provide both general hardware support and product related support.

CDN (Content Delivery Networks)

We monitor CDN services and provide world wide support related to CDN services.

E-commerce & logistics

We provide customer service, user support, product publishing and security routines for e-commerce actors.

Financial services

We provide support and admininstrative services related to payments and fin-tech.

Streaming & VOD

We provide support and customer services, IT operations, IT maintenance and monitoring services for streaming actors in the Scandinavian markets.


We provide IT operations and maintenance services 24/7/365.

Internet of Things

We monitor connected devices and services in order to react on disturbances, alarms and error reports as well as providing support on such connected devices and services.

Software support

We provide any kind of software support services.

OTT (Over-the-top media service)

We manage OTT services and related support 24/7/365.

IT Security

We manage IT security routines 24/7/365.

Energy distribution and networks

We operate SPOC functions, ticket handling and dispatching.


This is Datakompisen

Datakompisen is a Swedish word for a tech buddy. We started our operations in 2005 with a mission to help consumers with technology related to internet connections, internet media and related gadgets. Since then we have transformed into a BPO company, helping external clients to provide top notch support services to consumers as well as business partners. We have become more advanced and our original B2C focus have given way to more and more B2B support, partnering up with companies with a need for more business critical services related to B2B support, IT operations and NOC services.


Datakompisen launched


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Awarded Master Gazelle


ISO 9001 & 14001